The Volare Trio is available for Weddings, Receptions, and other Special Occasions!



Wedding Ceremony:


Our Standard Package includes the following:

  • An optional consultation to plan music

  • 30 Minutes of Prelude Music

  • Any music needed during Ceremony (Processionals, Solos, Recessional, etc.)

  • 15 Minutes of Postlude Music


Price: For Wedding Ceremonies, we charge a flat rate.  Please contact us for information on pricing.




Receptions and Background Music for Other Occasions:


For Receptions and other Background Music events, we charge per hour.  We require a minimum playing time of ONE HOUR.  


Price: Please contact us for information.




Outdoor Performances:


Will your special event be held outdoors?  If so, we do require special provisions for the safety of our instruments and for a good performance. Thank you for understanding that we need to protect the investments that we have made.


Special Provisions for Outdoor events: 


  • If inclement weather conditions prevail, an alternate site must be arranged. Inclement weather includes Excessive heat (Above 85 degrees), Excessive cold (Below 60 degrees), Rain, and High Winds.


  • If inclement weather conditions make it impossible to complete the performance, The Volare Trio shall nevertheless be paid the full contract amount.


  • A hard level surface, such as a wood platform or concrete at least 4 ft. by   6ft, must be provided for the performance so that the harp will not tip over.  (Grass is not a level surface.)


  • The performance location must be handicap accessible for harp transport.  For instance, no long hikes or climbs through muddy/woody areas.  A few stairs are fine, but the Harpist may need assistance.


  • If possible, avoid placing the Musicians in direct sunlight, a shady area is better.